Cluster: / Fashion
20/05/2019 - 27/06/2019



1. Name of the training course

“Acquisition of transferable skills and competences necessary for performing the basic working functions of the Seamstress profession”


2. Location

Kharkiv Oblast, Derhachi, Naukova str., 1; based on Kharkiv Center for Vocational Education of the State Employment Service


3. Selection criteria

IDPs, people affected by the conflict, local residents.

Participants will be selected according to the following priority:

1. IDPs

2. Single mother/ father.

3. Mother/ father from a multiple children family.

4. People over 50.

5. Others.

Unemployed people in each category are prioritized over those who want to upgrade their skills or change the specialty.


4. Duration

____ months (296 academic hours)


5. Course content

Participants will get practical skills, learn about the technology of garment production, get acquainted with the sewing equipment, gain basic knowledge of materials science, technical drawing, get the training of basic provisions of occupational safety in the workplace.


6. Expected outcomes

After successful completion of the course, participants will acquire skills and competences necessary for performing the basic working functions of Seamstress, which creates an opportunity to work individually or in a team in the workplace.

Participants will receive certificates in case of regular attendance and successful completion of the final exam / task.


7. Required documents

Passport or another identity document.

IDP certificate (if any).

Other certificates to confirm status (if any).



Techno Master

Specialties related to the setup, repair and maintenance of machinery and logistics are especially relevant, considering the automation of production and processes, and therefore are in demand in the labor market. Skills and professional knowledge of technical specialties make it possible to change the field of activity or to improve the professional level.