FAQ / Help

Do I have to pay for the course ?

No, all courses are free for participants.
No, the courses are free of charge.

What is the schedule of the course?

All courses have different schedules. You can get detailed information about the schedule in the learning centre organising the course, or via the phone number, indicated on the website.

Can everybody participate in a course ?

The focus groups of the courses are mainly IDPs, people who suffered from the conflict in eastern Ukraine and vulnerable categories of the local population. Unemployed people are prioritized in each category.
For more detailed information about the selection criteria, you can choose a concrete course in the "Course" section.

Do I get an official certificate at the end of a course?

Yes, you will get a certificate from the "Mesiter" project. Some training centres also provide state standard certificates or their own certificates.

What is the duration of a course?

There are different courses from 3 days soft skill trainings through two or four-week long courses up to a maximum of six month.

How to become a participant of a course?

You can register by filling out a form on the main page of this website or on a page of a specific training.
More details - in the section "Courses". If you need specific consultancy, you can call our hotline.

Are there any age limits?

You need to be at least 18 years to participate and be below pension age.

Can I do self-study and still get the certificate?

For most of the courses you are expected to attend the lectures and practical sessions.
You can get information about the format of each course in the course description, and you can get more details either in the training center or via the hotline.

Do I only learn theoretical things or are there some practical parts included?

There is ample space for practical exercises and only the really necessary theoretical background is taught.

Can I bring my children?

In some trainings there are child care facilities for taking care about your child. For details see the section on the detailed courses descriptions or call our hotline.

Will you help me to get a job when I finish the course?

Each course contains a lecture on labour market demand and the peculiarities of finding employment in a concrete specialization. All training centres have contacts with employers, who can address these centres to find qualified specialists.

Do I need to bring my computer or anything to the course?

You do not need to bring your computer or any training materials to the trainings. If any materials will be needed, they will be provided by the training providers.

What kind of exams will I have at the end of the course?

Depending on the training, there might be a final exam in order to certify your abilities.

How many people will be in a group?

The target number for most courses is 15 trainees per group.