GIZ helps IDPs to acquire professional skills and knowledge

Within the framework of the project "Professional Integration of Internally Displaced Persons" with the support of GIZ, a group of sewing mechanics upgraded the skills during the training in Odesa based on the “Softorg” company. 18 participants from Dnipro, Donetsk, Poltava and Kharkiv Oblasts have taken the course.

Due to the training, they have improved their knowledge, upgraded the qualification and acquired skills in modern sewing equipment repairing. The practical experience of working with new equipment is especially important in the modern world. The training participant Victoria, who is currently developing her own studio in Bakhmut and teaching at a local vocational school, confirms it.

“This training was really crucial for us. We were only able to work with old equipment, but now I have got useful experience in the maintenance of modern sewing machines. Furthermore, after the training I can share the acquired knowledge with my students” – Victoria says.

After the successful completion of the course participants got certificates and they are able to fulfil their potential in the labour market.

Good luck to them!