Equal opportunities for everyone – trainings for women with children

“Kharkiv Station” public organization with the support of GIZ project “Vocational Integration of IDPs” provides training for women who belong to vulnerable groups, including IDPs, with children under 7 in the field of “Administration of social networks, websites and Internet shops” and “Content management”.

In the framework of the project 20 participants have successfully completed the education. Overall 100 women will be able to get trained for free. The duration of each course is 9 weeks. The participants learn not only specialized subjects and topics, but also pay attention to soft-skills : skills of self-representation, resume writing, time management and freelance work.

One of the key advantages of studying at “Kharkiv Station”, beside the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in demand, is the possibility to attend classes together with children. There is an equipped game room for children in the building, where a babysitter will take care of the children.

“I have never thought that I can write texts, - a participant of the training course “Administration of social networks, websites and Internet shops” Tetiana says. – I believe such skills will help me get extra money even being on maternity leave”.

Due to the combination in the training program of specialized subjects and topics aimed at the development of over-professional skills necessary for career growth the participants will significantly increase their employment opportunities.