The project "Towards success" is an opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge

The third week has passed since the project "Towards Success" started, but the organizers and participants can already share their first impressions.
This initiative is being implemented in the Donetsk oblast by the NGO "Open Economy" in the framework of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH project "Vocational Integration of Internally Displaced Persons".

“We wanted to create a training course for those who want to master modern tools on the Internet and intend to expand their professional competencies. The training course will be useful for owners, managers, employees of micro, small and medium enterprises, self-employed persons, and people who are looking for work. All students will receive relevant knowledge and skills required by employers. We know from our experience that IDPs and victims of the conflict in the eastern Ukraine are constantly facing the challenges of the local labor market. We tried to make the course clear, as practical and short-lived as possible”, says Valentyna Rybalko, director of the regional employment center.

"The peculiarity of the training program "Towards Success "is, firstly, a short period of study - only 4 weeks in online format. Secondly, the curriculum and materials were developed by the best specialists on the principle of "nothing extra, just the core." Development of content strategy, basics of copywriting and SMM, creation, adaptation and visualization of content taking into account the features of social networks - this is only a part of what will be considered during the training. And, thirdly, - the professional staff of trainers and mentoring of each project participant", - lists the highlights of the course Lyudmila Stepanenko - project partner, director of the International Institute of Entrepreneurship on the basis of which the training takes place.

Due to the pandemic, changes have taken place in all spheres of society, the share of work and communication in the online format has significantly increased. Thus, specialties such as SMM-specialist or content manager no longer look like "sitting in social networks" - they are becoming popular professions in the labor market.

Depending on the sector or size, companies need such professionals or want marketing and communications staff to have at least basic knowledge and skills.

One of the participants of the first group "Towards success" is a self-employed person from the village of Oleksandro-Kalynove, Konstantinovsky district, Svitlana Shutova, who shares her impressions:

"I grow tomatoes and some fruits, and then I dry them, make lozenges, and so on. My production volumes are small and before the pandemic I sold my products at local fairs and exhibitions; there were attempts to promote products through social networks, but it did not work out as effectively as desired. With the onset of quarantine restrictions, online commerce has become almost the only possible way to generate income and survive. Thus, the issue of additional training has become very acute. By chance, I learned from the training organizers about the free "Towards Success" training for those who want to gain basic marketing skills.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the trainers and organizers of the project for useful information, non-standard submission of material, availability of support and feedback. It's a pity I didn't know about that before. Now I plan to expand my business - to unite with people like me, to create an agricultural cooperative. This knowledge and skills are extremely important for further product promotion".

The ability to adapt to change and lifelong learning is the key to success in today's world. You need to use all available resources for self-development and the training course "Towards Success" provides such an opportunity.