The first group of participants has completed an online course at “Farmer School”.

“The quarantine has not prevented us from the study, it simply made adjustments in our plans and encouraged us to look for new opportunities”, - Halyna Posvaliuk, a manager of the “Farmer School” initiative implemented by the Agency of Regional Development of Luhansk Oblast within the framework of the GIZ project “Vocational Integration of IDPs,” says.

Due to the conflict in the east of Ukraine, Luhansk region lost a lot of industrial units, which is why the necessity of reorientation into agriculture appeared. “Farmer School” gives an opportunity to understand, in which sector of agriculture a person sees the perspectives for professional development. It also gives fundamental knowledge to get employed at a farm or start own company.



15 residents of Luhansk region have gained knowledge in the area of agriculture in an online format. Comprehensive training consists of 4 thematic blocks: crop production, animal husbandry, agro-technologies and agrobusiness. The curriculum takes into account regional specificities and is based on the best farming practices, which exist in Luhansk region, and contains only practical and up-to-date information.

“This course was very useful for me. We have to look for extra opportunities to earn extra money. Our family breeds goats. I have long thought of a more active participation in animal husbandry, but I always felt a lack of practical skills. Due to the training coaches I gained lots of information not only about animal husbandry, but also about the fundamentals of agrobusiness. I feel it is time to put words into action and even try something new, for instance, cheese-making,”Tetiana, a “Farmer School” graduate, says.

Currently you can apply for the training at “Farmer School” to study in the next group. Overall, within the next 3 months 65 residents of Luhansk region can participate in the training.

You can apply for the training filling in the application form and following the link

You may learn more about theFarmer Schooltraining at the Agency of Regional Development of Luhansk Oblast following the link: