“Interest in Career and Independence is the Key to Success”

GIZ gives opportunities for development and getting the qualification of an administrator/office manager to build a career

In Kharkiv within the framework of the project "Professional Integration of Internally Displaced Persons" with the support of GIZ and in partnership with public organizations, a group of 12 women (including IDPs) get free training in the specialty of an Administrator/Office Manager based on the “Planet of Knowledge’’ training center.

The position of an office manager is a great start to build a career in the future. This profession is in demand in the labor market, and most importantly, it provides an opportunity to start a career in a new place, as small and large companies are constantly looking for such specialists", - the course teacher Olena says.

What’s more, within the framework of the course, participants acquire basic and professional skills that include a variety of tasks (working with documents of various types, working with primary accounting) - all of it is necessary to get an office position.

"A very interesting and practically useful course," –  says a graduate of the course Christina. Now she is motivated to get a qualification and find a job that will allow her to build a career and earn a decent salary.

The teacher is sure that hard work and the desire to develop will bring successful results and improve the quality of life.