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Vitalii Skuridin, who was a trainer at "Farming School", tells his success story

Виталий - профессиональный агроном. В 2020 году он принял участие в проекте «Школа фермерства» в качестве преподавателя модулей по овощеводству и растениеводству, и теперь делится впечатлениями о курсе.

«Farming School 2.0» is back!

In 2020, one of the most successful initiatives implemented with the support of the GIZ project "Vocational Integration of Internally Displaced Persons" was the "Farming School", which developed a modern, interesting, market-oriented agricultural curriculum for 80 residents of Luhansk region . The initiative was successful, and the results went public outside the region. Therefore, it was decided to launch an adapted project "Farming School 2.0" in Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Kharkiv oblasts and controlled areas of Donetsk oblast.

Copywriting courses were the first step towards self-realization and professional development for Nadiya Radchenko

Nadiya is one of 80 graduates of professional retraining courses implemented by the charitable foundation "Kharkiv Station" as part of the Equal Opportunities Station initiative, supported by the GIZ project “Vocational Integration of IDPs”

Summing up the passing year - key challenges and achievements

2020 for the GIZ project “Vocational Integration of Internally Displaced Persons” turned out to be successful, although not easy. Despite the quarantine restrictions, which significantly affected all areas of life, the project worked in a usual mode.

Lessons of success from the "Professional Development Workshop". Lesson 2 by Nataliia Kuzmenko

If you have the desire and make the effort, you can earn money with your hobby, and, in addition, master the basics of Internet marketing, as Nataliia Kuzmenko did.
In total, 63 people learned about the basic methods of promoting and presenting products, managing accounts on social networks and advertising on the Internet.