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Copywriting has become a consolation and a new profession for Anna Kurilova

Anna Kurilova studied copywriting and became one of the 80 graduates of the "Station of Equal Opportunities"
In partnership with the GIZ project "Vocational Integration of IDPs", the NGO "Kharkiv Station" has implemented the initiative "Station of Equal Opportunities" - free retraining for women who find themselves in difficult life circumstances and have small children or children with disabilities.

Artem Tkachov, who graduated from "Farming school", tells his success story

Artem, having successfully completed online training in the basics of agriculture, has found his vocation in the field of aviculture and now shares his plans for the future.

Thanks to the sewing academy "Kvitka Lyonu" residents of Pokrovsk and surrounding areas can learn a new profession and find a job

With the support of the GIZ project "Vocational Integration of IDPs" 13 residents of Pokrovsk became the first students of courses in the specialty "Seamstress" of the Viktoriia Karpova's sewing academy "Kvitka Lyonu".

Lessons of success from the "Professional Development Workshop". Lesson 1 by Nataliia Yaroshenko

Despite the difficulties encountered on her way, Natalia Yaroshenko, a graduate of the Internet Marketing course at "Professional Development Workshop", is studying, improving and moving only forward.

Kostyantyn Herman, who graduated from "Farming school", tell his success story

Kostyantyn, having successfully completed online training in the basics of agriculture, shares his achievements in the field of beekeeping and plans for the future.

A new vocation for civil servants

Kharkiv hosted a presentation of the project "New vocation" - a joint initiative of Kharkiv Regional Employment Service and Institute for Social Policy of the Region, implemented with the support of the GIZ project "Vocational integration of IDPs"