Create Your Future by Your Own Hands
Create Your Future by Your Own Hands
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The aim of the "Meister" project is the professional integration of internally displaced people (IDPs) and other vulnerable categories of the population affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The project is implemented by GIZ Ukraine.
Clusters / Courses
  • Food / Cook assistant
    City: Kamianske
    Duration 107 days
    Dates: 01/04/2020 - 16/07/2020

    Specialist who helps a cook (chef) in his work. The duties of a cook assistant may include the preparation of simple meals under the direction of the chef, preparation and processing of food (washing, cleaning, slicing), decorating dishes, ensuring proper accounting and storage of products, etc. Working as Assistant cook can become the first step towards excellence in cooking skills.

  • Techno & Logistics / Electrical Maintenance Technician
    City: Kryvyi Rih
    Duration 107 days
    Dates: 01/04/2020 - 16/07/2020

    This specialist performs works on repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, and therefore is an indispensable professional in the institutions of industrial, commercial, municipal sectors, which are equipped with this kind of equipment. Professionally trained specialists are always in high demand in the labor market.

  • IT & Administration / Office Manager
    City: Krasnohrad
    Duration 473 days
    Dates: 01/04/2019 - 16/07/2020

    An office manager is in charge of organizational and communication tasks, performs office work and provides important support to the management of an enterprise or organization being a facilitator between managers and other employees.

Commissioned by
Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Implemented by
German federal enterprise Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
In cooperation with
Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine